Your Favourite Immersive Cocktail Experience In London Unveils Its Biggest Prison Yet

Published . By Lauren Cole.

Alcotraz London New Location | DesignMyNight

Orange jumpsuit at the ready - Alcotraz just got even bigger.

If you fancy yourself as a smooth-talking cell mate from the likes of Orange Is The New Black and Prison Break, then Alcotraz should be on your radar. Yup, it's the jail-themed immersive experience that's also hidden in Manchester, Brighton and Liverpool. But, what's changed? Well, the London penitentiary is relocating to a much larger site this November. Expect more than double the prisoners (180 is the exact number), triple the space to explore and no less than seven secret rooms to uncover.

From time spent in solitary confinement to interacting with crooked guards or being pulled in front of the dreaded warden for a parole hearing, there's plenty of mischief in store once you've been banged up. Although, the expansion promises brand new storylines and characters too. Time to find out if you crack under the pressure of an interrogation...

In keeping with tradition, this bar's inmate mixologists will still be shaking up bespoke cocktails for each group across the three new cell blocks. Like 'em sour? Prefer yours fruity? Just smuggle in a bottle of your favourite liquor to get a taste of this contraband.

Alcotraz London New Location Illustration | DesignMyNight

Lock us up and throw away the key.

Alcotraz: Cell Block Two-One Two moves to its new location at Unit 3B, Rosewood Building, Hackney Road, E2 8GY on 1st November 2022. Get your tickets here.