The first Pheromone Party in the UK seriously stunk. 

Already a very popular event in California, Pheromone Parties have now arrived in the UK and with the vast amount of dating options available now, is smelling each other the best way to find true love?

Essentially, all you do is sleep in the same T-shirt for three days straight, bag it and bring it along with you. If someone is attracted to your scent, they'll take a photo with the bag and then you need to track down the person in question.

Not just another LA craze, there's a science behind it, as pheromones are the chemical triggers of sexual attraction. Thus, our DNA will respond to mating potential through smell and drive us to hook up with someone.

The very first party was recently held at Stories in Hackney, and whilst it had a shaky start, people soon joined in and felt more comfortable smelling each other's worn clothes. Whilst this had certain success, it doesn't really bode well with the typical British disposition of being so forward, unlike our American counterparts. This therefore may potentially stunt its popularity. 

The next Pheromone Party is to be held at Stories, on the 15th of July, so smell you later.