Birdies Crazy Golf

If Tiger Wood(s), would you? 

The hype continues... Love to putt? Think you're a hole in one? Know your way around a club or two? Thought so. The whole world has gone absolutely putty for crazy golf and our favourite subterranean Birdies has gone all balls up. That's right - Birdies takes to the skies with their Summer pop-up atop Roof East in Stratford. Take your putting practice to their custom 9-hole course designed to break out a sweat in even the most confident of swingers. There's loops and half-pipes to contend with and elevated drops (uh-oh) to change up conventions. 

So, if you think you'll take a swing at it, then step right up for this summer session of high-rise golfing, DJs, and some bangin' cocktails from the mixologists behind Spirited Mixers. Oh, and there's some RockaDollar Dogs to be feasting on during your putt-stops. 

Birdies Rooftop Crazy Golf opens 3rd May – 28th August at Roof East, E15 1XE.