game of thrones menu london

Hodor, hodor, hodor, hodor, hodor.

While my bank balance screams of lies and rounds I should never have offered out in the first place, rumour has it that according to a recent poll, we're simply not going out all that much anymore. Opting for the good ol' fashioned telly-box rather than glugging around a restaurant dinner table, we'd all now rather Netflix and chill, rather than Netflix and pay the final bill. 

Bird of Smithfield have not only had enough of this preposterous social news, they also can't seem to get enough of Game of Thrones. Blurring the lines between a series marathon at home and a gluttonous dinner out, they've created a Game of Thrones menu to entice those with square eyes back to the dining space. Discussing Khaleesi's ever expanding reign or applauding Ramsay Bolton's demise? Make it a chat over the table instead of rambling at home with a box set instead with dishes such as a marbled eggs salad to start, Joffrey's Wedding Pie for mains, and an Ice & Fire dessert (baked alaska to you and I).

The 'All Men Must Wine and Dine' themed menu at Bird of Smithfield will be available for one week only from August 15th to August 19th 2016.