Feast on monster meat platters and play video games at this Monster Hunter BBQ pop-up

Last updated . By Tom Capon.

Monster Hunter Meat Shack in London

Not sure where they are going to source actual monsters from but hopefully it's supplied by local monster hunters.

I can’t say that when I hunt down giant monsters in video games that my first thought is to hook them up on a giant spit and eat them at communal tables, but obviously I’m not a Monster Hunter player because that’s exactly what they’re doing. In London. In real life.

To coincide with the release of the game Monster Hunter: World, the crazy guys at Capcom are launching a free BBQ pop up with meat served from a gigantic meat spit. And it’s all for free. You’ll feast on meat platters and enjoy a complimentary drink while playing a demo of the new game on in-built gaming consoles on each table. Meanwhile, the rest of the pop-up is coated in stuff fans of the games will recognise, with walls covered with maps, a market-stall selling memorabilia and a giant head of the iconic dragon monster Rathalos. If this meaty escapade at London’s Flat Iron Square sounds like the perfect crossroads between a taste-and-nerd-gasm, luckily they still have a few free tickets left.

The Monster Hunter Meat Shack is open from Thursday 25th January to Sunday 28th January, in Flat Iron Square London.