Immersive Robin Hood dining pop-up coming to Bermondsey from Michelin-starred chef

Last updated . By Tom Capon.

Merry Men Robin Hood Pop-Up by Tom Sellers

Traditionally cooked dishes in a hideout the Merry Men would be envious of.

‘Steal from the rich and give to the poor,’ is all well and good for Robin Hood, but some of us have rent to pay and can’t do that from a prison cell. So this Robin Hood pop-up has come up with another idea: ‘set up an immersive dining experience from the man behind Michelin-starred Restaurant Story and give some of the profits to charity.’ Not as catchy, but is a bit more London.

Tom Sellers will be running the Bermondsey-based pop-up, called Merry Men, from the 4th to 22nd April while Restaurant Story is closed for renovation and is set to draw influence from his Nottingham heritage. Expect a fairy tale inspired interior with candles and Nottingham forest décor. Meanwhile, the banquet menu is focused on refined and seasonal dishes that are traditionally prepared, with dishes like bone marrow, eel and parsley, as well as braised and hot smoked lamb leg, anchovies and capers, with drink pairings chosen by his sommelier. There's also a 40-cover bar boasting a menu created by mixologist Matt Whiley, which serves ‘woodland-themed cocktails’ and a bar snack menu. True to spirit, not only is a portion of each ticket donated to charity Hospitality Action (and even more so on days where guest chefs take over the menu), but the last day of eating, called The Last Feast, will be a market day where everything in the pop-up will be for sale – even down to the cutlery. Of course, all that money goes to the charity. What a Robin Hood.

The Merry Men pop-up will be at 47-49 Tanner Street, London, SE1 3PL, from 4th to 22nd April 2018. Tickets cost £65 and include a drink.