The last time I went to a quiz night in a chicken shop, I was 19 and drunk at university quizzing the man behind the counter how long my cheesy chips would take; even that queasy cheesy scuffle fared markedly better than where we came as a team in the Ma Plucker Quiz Night.

The Quiz

Bosomous, bold and with a booming voice that can ultimately travel time; nope, I wasn't here to host, her majesty miss Vinegar Strokes was leading the quiz charge. Not only a noted quiz-tress and drag queen, Vinegar Strokes is a household name in entertainment, so you can be sure that we were in for a real night of it. Courses were not only back up by selection of themed quiz rounds as lip sync challenges, playdough craft and dancing pretty much made up the bones of this hilarious night. I'll be honest, watching my boyfriend lip sync to pop classics, provocatively lunge across a dining table and wait for me to pour mustard on his face wasn't my finest movie moment, but I just wanted to hint at what kind of a brilliant if not bold night you'll be getting into.

vinegar strokes ma plucker quiz

Vinegar Strokes leads the charge when it comes to entertainment during the quiz. 

The Food and Drink

Considering that by all intents and purposes Ma Plucker is an upmarket chicken shop of sorts, not only is the venue cutesy and kitsch with a humble charm to it, they're actually churning out plates that don't churn late night drunken stomachs. Markedly impressed by the inclusion of a three course meal within our team ticket (£24.50), we went all out vegetarian when it came to our courses. While that may set back a few chicken tailored restaurants, Ma Plucker took to it with ambition, and gave us what actually turned out to be some of the best vegetarian burgers we've had in London yet.

While our meal started with a rich and wholesome soup served in a retro tin cup, the true showcase came in the shape of their crispy coated halloumi cheese burger set between house buns and a sauce of our choice. Not only rich and indulgent, there was a flavour to the burger that many vegetarian dishes lack, and a seasoning that didn't make our dish feel left out amongst the succulent smell of a chicken restaurant (walk past any fried chicken shop and try to deny me that, I'd have it as a perfume and spritz until I blitz). Backing up our gorging with some liquid luster? The Frozen Margarita's at just £7 a pop made for a punchy, fresh and boozed addition to the evening. 

ma plucker food quiz night review

Ma Plucker are dosing central London on an impressive selection of burgers and bites.


While we didn't try the chicken, and we most certainly did not win the quiz, Ma Plucker not only hosted a roaring and funny event with a charming selection staff to boot, their food was showcased just right, and they almost managed to make us behave ourselves. Grab your tickets now.