London's Top 5 Quirky Gin and Tonics

Published . By Georgia Evans.

Summer is the season of gin-sipping in stunning locations. Providing a refreshing kick when things get a little too clammy, the class G&T is always a winner. However, these places are all doing something a little different with their take on the beloved British beverage, whether it be an electric kick, citrus zing or coastal splash. Explore our picks of 5 quirky G&Ts in London, and switch up your drinking game.

The Electric G&T - The Gibson

An intimate haunt in the heart of Shoreditch, The Gibson is a world-renowned treasure trove of juniper-derived delicacies from across the globe. The star attraction? The Electric Earl, which creates a unique popping sensation from the bar’s use of electric bitters and dashes of fresh grapefruit, adding an extra zing to your G&T sipping.

The Gibson | Electric G&T | DesignMyNightThis G&T is a real shock to the system.

The Coastal G&T - GinTonica at The Distillery

A perfect summertime refresher that’ll have you dreaming of the Mediterranean, this quirky G&T comes courtesy of GinTonica at The Distillery. Through their utilisation of Rives Special crisp gin, Lacuesta dry vermouth, olive bitters and Mediterranean tonic, this bar creates a luxurious concoction reminiscent of Spanish shores.

GinTonica at The Distillery | Coastal G&T | DesignMyNight Sip a coastal gin and tonic in suitably blue surroundings. 

The Spicy G&T - Mr Fogg's Gin Parlour

Mr Fogg’s Gin Parlour is a marvellous emporium for unique gin and tonic combinations, and an absolute must-see for gin-lovers in the city. If you fancy a drink with a little extra kick, check out the Audemus Pink Pepper gin, and combine it with a dried lemon or ginger-infused botanical for a magnificent finish.

Mr Foggs | Spicy G&T | DesignMyNightRecline in Mr Foggs parlour and sip on something a little adventurous. 

The American G&T - 214 Bermondsey

A modern haunt with fashionably rustic decor and cool, relaxed vibe to it, 214 Bermondsey is a perfect spot for grabbing an after-work tipple or two. Explore the tastes of the USA with their Stars & Stripes G&T flight featuring a California fir tree-inspired St. George’s Terroir, citrus Bluecoat American Dry and crisp FEW creations. 

214 Bermondsey | American G&T | DesignMyNightG&Ts take centre stage at 214 Bermondsey.

The Dry G&T - Holborn Dining Room

No list of quirky G&Ts would be complete without a nod to the classic British dry gin. If you’re in need of something with a little extra grit, head to Holborn Dining Room where you can sip on Bimber The London Dry, which uses a small-batch traditional London Dry Gin, and pairs it with London Essence Tonic Water.

Holborn Dining Room | Dry G&T | DesignMyNightSip a dry G&T in luxury surroundings at Holborn Dining Room. 

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