This £50,000 margarita is made with £2000 tequila and a diamond - and you can get it in London

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London's most expensive margarita available at Cantina Larendo in Covent Garden

Do be fooled by the rocks that it's got. That's a big rock. And that tequila is expensive. 

Spending literally every penny you own on a single night out isn’t just a rite of passage for the people of London, but a weekly occurrence. No matter how many £8 tequilas in the West End you’ve racked up on your credit card and ignored, though, there’s a good possibility you haven’t ever got spend-£50,000-on-a-single-cocktail drunk. Because you can now. The city's most expensive margarita is here and it costs the same as deposit on a house.

This opulent beverage is coming to you from Cantina Laredo, a Spanish bar in Covent Garden, and is served with the help of two security guards. Which makes sense, as not only is it made from two exclusive tequilas, including a £2000-a-bottle 1800 Coleccion that’s presumably been distilled through the piss of Zeus or something, but there’s a 4.1-carat diamond floating on a pineapple flower on top. Alongside the Jose Cuervo Platino tequila, the traditional lime juices are replaced with white pineapples and limequats (it’s a lime and kumquat that’s been Frankensteined together… but, like, in a posh way), and topped with the flesh of finger limes, which doesn't sound as horrifying when you consider it’s also known as lime caviar. All of this is in time for National Margarita Day, where Cantina Laredo will also be hosting a tequila and dinner pairing, as well as other special margaritas. So if you’re looking for a weird way to propose or if you’re dad’s put some pocket money in your trust fund, this might be the drink for you.

The £50,000 margarita is available from 22nd February 2018 at Cantina Laredo in Covent Garden, and must be book in advance.