London's first ever prosecco festival is arriving in Oval Space

Last updated . By Tom Capon.

London Prosecco Festival at Oval Space

This is the best new event since that fabled hero invented the 'Bottomless Brunch'.

Are you sitting down? You should definitely be sitting down for this, because we may have found out the best news of the year: a prosecco festival is coming to London – the first ever, in fact, to grace the capital, and it’s arriving in Oval Space from 12th to 14th May. A festival. Dedicated. To. Prosecco.

Prosecco Springs is gathering the finest northern Italian producers for the extravaganza, who will be supplying the bubbly and their massive knowledge for three days of fizzy bliss. Tickets start at £35 for five-hours and includes – no, it really, really does – a glass of prosecco from EACH of the top eight producers! Throw a bit of extra money in and you can get involved in a masterclass, where the sommeliers of the East London Wine School will guide you through the complex tastes of the fizzy wine. If it sounds like the lunch is a bit too liquid, there's a wonderful selection of cicchetti, antipasti and Italian cheeses on offer to compliment the drinks (and keep your head from bubbling away). Meanwhile, Oval Space will be putting on a line-up of fantastic live jazz and DJs throughout the weekend. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m about to die and go to prosecco heaven.

Prosecco Springs, London's first ever prosecco festival, will be at Oval Space, Hackney from 12th May to the 15th May with tickets starting at £35.