In the (approximate) words of the artist formally known as Prince: You don’t have to be rich to be my girl, you don’t have to be cool to rule my world, ain't no particular sign I'm more compatible with. I just want your extra time and your….flicks.  London Fields Film Festival has birthed the inconceivable: a non-pretentious, varied and completely accessible film event. And it's free!

A veritable array of films will be screened in different locations from 17th-26th October, enabling you to hop between modern, classic, animation, documentary, long and short film all in one week! All you film buffs, stop reaching for that pored over DVD of Last Year in Marienbad. Admit it, you've never enjoyed or understood it anyway.

London Fields Film Fest

Get pleasurably square eye-ed at London Fields Film Festival 

As much a celebration of the Hackney screening sites as the films being played; giggle along to Despicable me in Hackney City Farm and relate to the twentysomething city-dweller problems of Frances Ha (somewhat more charming in sepia tones) in The Laundry Canteen and Bar.  

Hackney is full of surprises; turn a corner and be confronted by a massive piece of street art, new gallery or unusual bar. Constantly in flux, its creative pulse beats furiously, giving snapshots of life and culture. Get an insight into the flavours, colours and personal stories of this unique borough at Short Sighted Cinema. Marvel at that neo-mythical cultural phenomenon The Hipster and guzzle a locally brewed beer.

Just before you go... you should probably know something. The generous voyeurs behind London Fields Film Festival are giving the gift that just keeps giving: A Ryan Gosling All Dayer. Get your fix of Gosling shimmying around in a satin bomber jacket in Drive. Two other films will be chosen by online poll…so which will it be? True Romance? Gangster Squad? If the unrivalled power and relevance of The Notebook is “still not over!!!” (cue driving rain and a flock of swans) for you, you know what to do.