Leyshon Brothers - Bonded Warehouse

Secret location.

Step into a world right out of a Charles Dickens novel... a place where all manner of debaucherous activity takes place. Hidden away under London Bridge station is the Leyshon Brothers Bonded Warehouse, a secret hideaway open for six months only, channelling London's most raucous into a den of iniquity. A real authentic Victorian treat, Leyshon Brothers has a secret entranceway, leading into an old fashioned pub of epic proportions, transporting customers back to a time of hay covered floors, busty barmaids in corsets and piano playing landlords. Leyshon Brothers is a great London experience and offers a fun night out for anyone who enjoys an evening with a twist.

At Leyshon Brothers expect a lady of the night to come a' callin'.

Leyshon Brothers' hype stems from its mystique and secrecy; to gain access to the Victorian warehouse you need to email corkage@leyshonbrothers.com. This will give you a chance to get your grubby little hands on the magical password that'll get you into the secret location (that will also be revealed to you) if the Leyshon Brothers approve your humble request. Open every Friday and Saturday night, the warehouse also opens Wednesdays and Thursdays for special events. Expect gin, gin more gin and maybe if you're lucky, some gin. Leyshon Brothers Bonded Warehouse is cool and distinctly different to any other Friday or Saturday night in London, well worth a visit with friends for a night of fun and frolics, remember... debauchery is actively encouraged. Enjoy, London.