Kab-U-To-Work Launches Hangover Remedy Service

Last updated . By Daniel Splarn.

Picture the scene. You're abruptly woken by the buzzing of your inconsiderate alarm clock. Your splitting headache is wasting no time in making its presence felt and the taste of sambucca lingers on your tongue as a cruel reminder of your antics from the night before. Yep, this is the morning after the office Christmas party, and there's a full day of work in store for you to deal with whilst you grapple with a hangover so powerful that it could tame a bear.

But all is not lost! Yes, this day might well be a struggle on par with climbing your personal Everest, but Kabuto Noodles are here to give you a considerable leg-up. The upmarket instant noodle giants feel your pain, and they're here to ease you into the day with their Kab-U-To-Work taxi service. They'll pick you up from home and whisk you away to work complete with a comprehensive 'hangover pack' of goodies designed to ward off the hangover before its had a chance to settle in for the day.

Kab-U-To-Work offers its customers paracetamol, fresh orange juice, some mints, a pot of hot Kabuto Noodles and, crucially, some dark sunglasses, for an all-round hangover survival kit that is sure to stop those walls from spinning at any moment. Revellers can pre-book their journey in advance from the 11th December!