A Huge New Floating Peach Bar Is Coming To London (And It Has A Pool)

jubel peach pop-up london

Talk about peach perfect.

Incipio Group (the team that has blessed London with some of its most beautiful beer gardens) have set their sights on a new venture that’s about to blow your summer plans out of the water…

From structure, right down to location, this new bar is the most ambitious we’ve seen in a while. A three tiered peach-shaped orb, aptly named ‘Jubel And The Giant Pergola’, will take pride of place on the Thames and feature a top-floor terrace with 360° views of the city, alongside a botanical bar and street food hub below with panoramic views.

But wait… there’s more. An actual wave pool will take up the last section of the bar and will be accessible via paddleboard, kayak or good old fashioned swimming if the urge for activity takes you. 

A solar powered leaf, reclaimed glass and pontoon (made from 100% recycled materials) are all design features that contribute to a creation which is potentially the most sustainable hospitality venue on the planet.

With the announcement of this giant peach bar falling on 1st April, there seems to be some speculation around how trust worthy the news is. April Fools or not, a woman can dream.

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