Jam Tart Open Mic night at Floripa has officially been around for five years and it's still going strong. Given its long-lasting legacy, founders Steve Tart and Dan Benzenou undoubtedly have their work cut out, yet they've done a smashing job of keeping the party nights relevant and full of comedy, good vibes, and original music.

The Venue:

Floripa is actually the nickname of a Brazilian island. One of its other names is the 'island of magic', and it's fair to say Floripa London is definitely worthy of that namesake. The venue's motto is 'legality, fraternity and liberty' and that's exactly what you get once inside; it's as if Havana, Ibiza, and Ipanema got together and made one sexy baby.

Floripa injects a dash of Latin flair into Shoreditch's pulsating party scene.

The Ambience & Clientele:

The crowd was definitely among the most diverse I've seen in Central London. Initially there was a mix of people chatting and finishing up their food - but by the time the jam session got rolling I was surrounded by rockstar doubles, lumberjack beards, and people with panama hats who could play baselines like Earth Wind and Fire. Musical enchantress Nevedya Moonrose opened up with a line-up of dark and soulful songs, and she was followed by the very charismatic Steve Tart who was effortlessly a total crowd-pleaser. There was hip hop, spoken word, pop rock; pretty much every genre anyone could imagine was represented in some shape or form.

A truly eclectic crowd came together to appreciate a storming night of open mic entertainment.

The Food & Drinks:

I was feeling a little health-obsessed so I went with the Salada Floripa. I still can't believe I could finish it considering the portion was literally the size of my head, and I don't think I've ever tasted a sauce so delicious as the passion fruit dressing. Drinkswise, I guzzled down a Paloma and a Mojito which certainly hit the spot, and next time I'll definitely have to concentrate my efforts on the exotic wine menu.

Cocktails, wines and jam tarts galore...


I can't say I've been to better clubs than this one. You know that feeling you get when everything is in sync? At Floripa; friends, food, music, and art all get rolled into one Latin-esque fiesta. You forget about the rainy weather, you forget that winter nights begin at 4pm and you're momentarily transferred to a tropical evening in balmy Spain.