Got hops? IPA does. Those 3 simple letters - easy, tasty and complex in its flavourings. Q: What does it all mean? A: India Pale Ale. Contrary to popular belief the heritage of those punchy pale ales, whilst having ties to India, isn't actually where the first brew of the sort was produced. Steeped with over 175 years of history IPA brews have become the ultimate hop-head haven with unique flavourings and blends cropping up all over the shop. But, that's enough of the boring mambo-jambo, onto glugging the golden stuff. For the hoptimum drinking experience, follow our IPA crawl across London as we search out the strongest, most unique and favoured beer brews on offer. 


Punk IPA; BrewDog Shepherd's Bush

Go West we said. And so you will, to where those barking mad Scottish brewers have chosen their Western mutt house. Craft beer maniacs and all around hop heavy enthusiasts, BrewDog, are a brewpub chain starting to dominate the urban brew culture. Perhaps most well known for their tangy tasting Punk IPA beer (£4.95), it goes without saying that this is where we shall start our expedition, with the infamous rebel brew of this Scottish powerhouse. Hops away!

BrewDog Punk IPA 

Described as 'Spiky, tropical and hoppy' from the dog's mouth itself.


Jaipur IPA; Craft Beer Co Brixton

This elusive brew is the famed Thornbridge creation, hailing from the Midlands with a big, bold flavour and a 5.9 ABV soul at the heart of it. Possibly one of the hardest beers to pin down, known for its sporadic appearances in London taps, Jaipur is the gilded queen of IPA brews. Soft, smooth and accented with honey flavours, she is a beauty indeed. If you see her gold trimmed label, we implore you to seize a pint and experience her iconic taste profile yourself.

Thornbridge Jaipur IPA

A mighty mistress and treasured beer in the IPA empire. 


Meantime IPA; Meantime Tasting Rooms Greenwich

Ahead of the launch of their Tasting Rooms bar, eatery and shop we're calling all beer lovers to the big daddy of London breweries, Meantime's Greenwich brewhouse. For the ultimate beer drinking experience, get a pint of their IPA pulled straight from their fresh tank stores and you'll have the optimum taste from maturation right to your glass. Big on flavour, hops and a refreshing bitterness, the Meantime IPA is something to behold. If that wasn't enough, have a cheeky meander around the shop attached to the bar room where you'll get a sneak peak into the steel workshop of the brewery.

Meantime Tasting Rooms IPA

The freshest beer from inside the galvanised metal workshop of Meantime Brewery.


Bloody ‘Ell Blood Orange Beavertown IPA; Duke's Brew & Cue Haggerston

Welcome to the Brew Pub of those eccentric brewmasters from Beavertown. Champions in eccentricity, unique malt mixtures and skeleton adorned artwork, Beavertown follow a philosophy for punchy beers, distinctive flavours and statement blends. At Duke's Brew & Cue you'll find a wonderland of BBQ meats and keg treats where you can get everything from their standard Gamma Ray favourite to the specialist Bloody 'Ell Blood Orange IPA (7.4% ABV). Does what it says on the tin really. If you're looking for an IPA spiced with a little sumthin' sumthin' then this if your hoptastic ticket. 

Duke's Brew & Cue Beavertown IPA

Limited edition taps and rich character come from this Beavertown brew pub.


Crate IPA; Crate Brewery Hackney

Home to one of mankind's best loved combinations - pints and pizza. This canal side joint is a rustic playground of reclaimed materials and their very own brew house with attached pub serving up hoards of craft beer options. Worth mentioning the kitchen as well if you fancy some cheekily delicious finger foods. The waterside warehouse makes for quite the idyllic drinking destination and, of course, we recommend sampling their Crate IPA brew (£4) - a taste of urban cool. Well, we think so anyway.

Crate Brewery, Crate IPA

Minimalist Modern finishes make Crate the statement Brewery of the East.