Recover Priceless Stolen Artworks At This Immersive London Escape Room

Published . By Olivia Cheves.

The Perfect Crime immersive escape room London

This new immersive theatre experience is putting your stealth skills to the test.

Taking over Theatre Deli Broadgate, The Perfect Crime (Rogue Productions) is a new immersive escape room experience that's here to test your sneakiness and your scruples. The premise? You've discovered the warehouse of a group of art thieves. Inside sit two priceless lost works, both touting seven-figure rewards for their return, and you'll need to navigate the building's security system and recover them.

But like with any good piece of theatre, there's always a twist. These paintings could fetch $100 million on the black market, so it's up to you to decide whether you want to walk the line of the law, or make a killing in the criminal underworld.

With each game designed for 2-6 players, it's a diamond opportunity to put together a crack team of your cleverest comrades. Over the 80-minute event, you'll be tasked with deciphering codes, overriding high-tech locks and slithering through a laser matrix. 

The Perfect Crime takes place at Theatre Deli Broadgate, 2 Finsbury Avenue, London EC2M 2PF. The experience lasts 80 minutes and start times vary from 6pm-8pm from Thursday-Sunday. Tickets cost £120 for teams of 2-6 people.