We tried the House of Alchemy gin experience at King's Cross Physic Garden

Last updated . By Faith Strickland.

Granary Square Brasserie Physic Garden

King's Cross Physic Garden has opened on North London's largest outdoor terrace at Granary Square Brasserie.

Something I have long believed was last week confirmed to me. The ‘3am u up?’ guy not texting you back the next morning? Gin and Tonic. Got loads of selfies with the head of HR at the staff party and no recollection of how they got there? Gin and Tonic. Yes, that’s right, gin is a medicine, and not just for life's more tragic moments. Opening up in the completely gorgeous Granary Square Brasserie (which is worth a visit on its own), is King's Cross Physic Garden, a space inspired by plants that were traditionally used in herbal remedies.

Opened on the largest terrace in North London, the outside spot pretty much has ‘summer drinking’ stamped on it. For the pop-up, various herbs and plants (from lavender and sage to jasmine and peppermint) have been planted in sturdy boxes along the terrace, and along with looking good, smell amazing too. The G&T menu is as eye-catching with the guys over at Fever-Tree curating this herbaceous little baby. Mixes include rhubarb and ginger, honey and sage, and jasmine and peppermint – all with healing properties, I’m sure.

If you're looking for the full healing experience, try the House of Apothecary experience. It takes place in a private dining room at Granary Street Brasserie, a place more suited to a an archduke’s country estate than a restaurant minutes from King’s Cross. From the whopping chandelier through to the prints of fauna and wildlife, the restaurant is skipping the current trend for undone and sticking with the tried and tested gilded and over-the-top. Along with trying the limited edition cocktail menu, we whipped up our own bottle of gin, learnt how to make a cocktail, and then feasted on a three-course meal with white wine - all woes were gone by the end of the night.

Physic Garden at Granary Square Brasserie is open throughout the summer. House of Apothecary's tasting experience costs £90 per person and includes a three-course meal, a gin blending experience, a gin goodie bag and two G&Ts.