You can now chip and dip at the crisp restaurant in Soho

Published . By Faith Strickland.

Hotchips crisp cafe in Soho

Hipchips will be serving five different types of crisps along with freshly made dunking sauces.

Forget Walkers' weird and frankly quite repulsive Chocolate & Chilli crisps, or the time they thought it would be a good idea to bring out Beans on Toast flavoured crisps; eating our favourite savoury snack just got SERIOUS. So serious that an entire restaurant is opening to exclusively serve crisps.

If your mind wasn't already blown by the idea of Hipchips serving only crisps, then listen to this - they will be served via conveyor belt, that's right, a conveyor belt of crisps - the future is here and we're scared. 

Before you start lamenting the demise of the British culinary scene and muttering about 'bloody Brexit' things aren't as bad as they first sound. There will be five varieties of crisps to choose from, all created using Northern variety potatoes such as Highland Burgandy, Salad Blue and Shetland Black. The crisps will be cooked in front of you and come with a range of fresh sauces such as Moroccan yogurt, baba ghanoush and katsu curry. There's even sweet dips to turn your snack into a two-course affair.

The Soho spot wants to be seen as a restaurant, serving craft ales and wines to help you wash it all down. A small box of crisps with two dips starts at £4.50 and the largest box with six dips is £11.50 (this is London, people). 

Hipchips is due to open on Old Compton Street in Soho at the end of October 2016.