Fulfil your millennial dreams and order an Avocado Cocktail

Added on . By Tom Capon.

Avocado Cocktail at the Great Northern Hotel Bar

Avocado in cocktail? What's next, avocado in... actually we've put it in everything now, haven't we?

Millennials, ay? Always working long hours, destroying sexist industries, and eating so much avocado that they can barely afford the country’s ludicrously high rent prices. But is it possible to get even more millennial than that? The people at the Great Northern Hotel are trying their hardest, by introducing an avocado cocktail.

On the hotel bar’s new cocktail menu sits Ahau Chamahez – named after the Mayan god of medicine; sure, Jan – which contains El Jimador Blanco tequila, chilli, lime, guacamole, coriander, olive bitters and soda. It also comes with a tortilla garnish. But that’s not the only brunch-themed weirdness on the menu: the Deep in the Sea is conjured with homemade smoked salmon, along with dill infused Russian Standard vodka, dry vermouth and celery bitters. So now it’s entirely possible to have avocado in every part of a whole meal. We did it, millennials, we finally peaked.

You can get the Ahau Chamahez guacamole cocktail at the Great Northern Hotel Bar in Kings Cross for £12.