A New Floating Cinema Is Letting You Watch Blockbusters From Your Own Private Boat

Published . By Isobel Watkins.

Openair Float In Cinema

Forget plush armchairs and gourmet popcorn, this is the new ultimate film experience.

Drive-in cinemas? Sure they’re kinda cool. But we’ve heard on the grapevine that the future of film? It’s floating. 

That’s right, coming to Paddington’s Merchant Square is a giant on-water cinema, screening some of the biggest blockbusters of all time. A collaboration between GoBoat, Openaire and Häagen-Dazs, this ingenious event is promising to squeeze the last bit of alfresco fun out of what, let’s be honest, has been a pretty rubbish summer.

The series will kick off on Wednesday the 2nd of September for a two-week period, and tickets will include the opportunity to have a little pre-movie pootle down the waterways, as well as food and drink delivered directly to your dinghy.

Boats will have space for up to 8 adults and pets will also be allowed onboard (because dogs like Bradley Cooper too). And for those not so sure on the seafaring life? There’ll also be deckchairs dotted along the canal bank. From Bridesmaids to Joker and A Star Is Born, the line-up is jam-packed with crowd-pleasing classics, meaning you just might have to visit more than once.

Openaire: Float-In Cinema with Häagen-Dazs (Merchant Square, W2 1AS) kicks off on Wednesday the 2nd of September with A Star Is Born. Tickets range from £15 for a deckchair to £250 for a boat of up to 8 passengers. Find out more and get tickets here.