DesignMyNight, Coming To A City Near You

Last updated . By Lewis Potton.

It's been a busy six months but time has flown by and we have manged to expand to three more exciting UK cities. We have been inundated with requests from our fantastic users to expand to their cities across the UK so after consulting local experts and sampling these seriously FUN cities we are delighted to announce the launch of DesignMyNight Manchester, DesignMyNight Glasgow and DesignMyNight Birmingham. Exciting times indeed, so we thought we'd offer a little introduction for each of our new nightlife sites. 

DesignMyNight Manchester

Known primarily for the history of its amazing music scene, Manchester's nightlife has so much more to offer besides its musical heritage. The Manchester bar scene is eclectic, trendy and vibrant; whether you're after some exotic cocktails in a secret speakeasy or just a buzzing DJ bar to let loose and party till dawn, Manchester will have something for you.

Manchester clubs also play a big part in the city's nightlife tradition and again offer an eclectic mix of underground, exclusive and commercial clubbing experiences. As well as having a massive selection of quality drinking spots, Manchester also prides itself on having a constant stream of pop up bars and quality events which constantly means that there is always something new on the menu. In short, Manchester is a nightlife powerhouse waiting to be discovered, so check it out now!

dmn expansion manchester

Manchester's nightlife scene is eclectic, vibrant and well worth exploring.


DesignMyNight Glasgow

Glasgow certainly knows how to party! Host of the Commonwealth Games in 2014 Glasgow is buzzing. With popular areas such as the West End containing a multitude of cocktail bars, lounge bars and nightclubs - Glasgow really does have a lot to offer anyone after a top night out. With four universities in the city centre, Glasgow has a massive student population which only adds to the constant stream of club nights, events and vibrant bar scene. With an amazing range of bars, pubs and clubs, Glasgow is one of the UK's brightest cities when it comes to nightlife - but don't just take our word for it, check it out!

dmn expansion glasgow

Home to the Commonwealth Games in 2014, Glasgow's bars are sure to keep visitors content.


DesignMyNight Birmingham

Due to its sheer size alone, Birmingham's bar scene is worth a trip to the Midlands. Whether you're a young professional looking for somewhere with a little class, a party goer looking for a good time, or someone looking for a cracking date location - Birmingham has it all. With a big university on its doorstep, Birmingham also has a large student population which takes advantage of all the large range of clubs in the city. An area to look out for is Digbeth, which in particular has a whole host of cool, quirky, trendy and bustling bars and clubs to enjoy. So have a look for yourself and discover all the best Birmingham has to offer. Read more

dmn expansion birmingham

Birmingham clubs are impressive, and well worth a visit.

So now you can discover and book the best nightlife across some of the best UK cities and there are plenty more to come!