All The Nice Things You Said About London In Our 2021 City Survey

DesignMyNight City Survey 2021 | DesignMyNight


You may remember that we sent out the DesignMyNight City Survey a few months ago, which asked what you liked and disliked about where you live. Something we noticed was that Londoners, really, really love their city. Because it makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside, here's all of the nice things you said about London, from your adoration of its diversity and culture to the never-ending list of things to do.

You Love How Diverse It Is

"How mixed it is - there are lots of different ideas, backgrounds, cultures and it's very open-minded."

"Discovering hidden places and all the city's diversity in terms of culture and gastronomy."

"I love Soho for all of its restaurants and gay bars."

"Variety and diversity in everything: people, food, entertainment."

"I love the diversity in cultures here. It's such an exciting place to live."

Aviary London | DesignMyNight

One of your favourite places for dinner? Aviary, a beaut rooftop bar in Finsbury Square.

And That There's Just So Much To Do

"There’s ALWAYS something to do in London. New restaurant openings, pubs, themed bars, pop-up zombie escape rooms, you will never get bored in this city."

"There’s a never-ending amount of activities to do, whether that’s an exhibition, a walk around a park or just general sightseeing."

"My idea of a perfect night out is a nice chilled early dinner at a vibing spot like Pizza East, before Hot Tub Cinema, then a bar like Blues Kitchen where it can transition into a nightclub."

"The variety of things to do from fun dates, brunch with friends, nights out and museum trips."

"So much! Cuisine from all over the world, nightclubs and gig venues, galleries and museums."

Blues Kitchen London | DesignMyNight

With venues in Brixton and Shoreditch, Blues Kitchen is a super popular spot for nights out.

Plus, The Never-Ending List Of Places To Visit

"The fact that there's a pub for everyone occasion. The fact that there's every cuisine I could imagine available on a plate, literally, at whatever price I feel like dining out on. The fact that I can go for a stroll in certain corners of the city and feel like I'm out for a walk in the countryside (looking at you Walthamstow Marshes)."

"The fact that you can never 'complete' it. There are so many restaurants, businesses, parks and museums. You could 'do' London forever."

"It's a city like no other. I love how big it is - anywhere I go, I’ll find a new spot, be it Georgian architecture, food or galleries." 

"There's so much to do - my ideal night out would be to have drinks at BYOC Camden then go to dinner at a Peruvian restaurant, such as Floral by Lima. Then go for further drinks, maybe up The Shard, and finish off the night with chicken wings."

BYOC Camden | DesignMyNight

Cocktails at BYOC Camden, anyone?

The Real Sense Of Community

"The atmosphere on a night out and how everyone just gets on and has an amazing time. Lots of people are up for dancing and helping to create a sense of community which is really nice!"

"Everyone looks out for each other. The city is built on community."

"Small town feel in a big city. It has a friendly community feel while being so close to everything." 

"The sense of community in the nightlife."

Piano Works London | DesignMyNight

To finish the night off, you said you'd love a boogie at Piano Works.

And The Fact It's A Bit Of A Stunner

"Definitely one of the prettiest cities in the world!"

"I love the contrast between old and modern buildings and architecture and the huge range of restaurants bars and pubs."

"Beautiful landmarks."

"For my night out, I would start early evening to catch the last bit of sun with drinks at Madison in St Paul’s - I would love to see the view (reminds me of Milan’s skyline!)."

Madison London | DesignMyNight

No wonder Madison was mentioned so many times; it boasts stunning views of the cityscape.

You Just Seem To Love Everything About It

"The energy. You can never be bored in London and if you are you’re probably dead. It’s one of the most beautiful places with amazing food."


"Lively, fun, cultural, exciting, busy!"

"Absolutely everything....the nightlife is so incredible - London has the best nightclubs, bars, and restaurants, but even during the day you can make memories in the capital."

"There’s no place like London."

Restaurant Ours London | DesignMyNight

As for dinner, you just couldn't wait to tuck into pretty plates at Restaurant Ours.

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