Our Guide To Curing Your Zoom-Induced Hangover

Published . By Isobel Watkins.

It started innocently enough - a 6pm quiz with your nearest and dearest. You were going to wear hats (for comedy purposes) and there was a Pictionary round. It was supposed to be fun, but not too much fun - you’re doing your spring clean tomorrow, and you need to be fresh for Joe Wicks at 9am anyway. 16 hours later, you’re staring at the ceiling wondering how it’s possible to get that drunk without leaving your living room. The Zoom hangover has cursed us all in recent times - without the long queues at the bar (and the parting of money), evenings can escalate all too quickly. The good news? We’ve created the ultimate guide to banishing your fuzzy head without stepping outside - from DIY bacon baps to bloody marys delivered to your door. You’re welcome...


The Scran

If Prof Chris Whitty was recommending a hangover cure? We reckon he’d prop for the humble bacon butty. Scientifically proven to fix the fuzz, the amino acids in the bacon work to top up your neurotransmitters - giving you a clearer head. Along with the fact that that smell wafting from the kitchen could awaken even the most bedridden of beasts. For a monster hangover, you’ll need to enlist the help of London’s finest purveyors of the sarnie - Le Swine. Their DIY kit comes with everything you need to create the perfect dish, from Clarence Court duck eggs to silky bacon butter and homemade ketchup. If you don’t think you’ve got it in you to lift a frying pan though? You may want to check out our guide to the capital’s best brunch deliveries - featuring everything from oozing Eggslut buns to fried chicken waffles à la The Diner.

Big hangovers require even bigger breakfast.

The Hair of The Dog

It shouldn’t work, but it does. However, a swig of whatever substance is still in your glass from the night before won’t suffice. Luckily, plenty of London bars are now delivering their wares - including an impressive line-up of bloody Marys. Callooh Callays signature serve comes complete with Belvedere vodka and their secret ‘Mary mix’. The bar is selling the classic sip in quantities of 10 servings, and all you’ll need to add is a stick of celery and a dusting of salt for the perfect mid-morning concoction. Alternatively head to Bottle Bar and Shop’s online store to grab yourself a 50cl bottle of spicy goodness - loaded up with horseradish, wasabi-infused vodka and Tabasco, it’s sure to snap you out of your snoozy state.

Available to bulk buy, these remedies promise to pack a punch.

The Binge Material

While you really should take advantage of your government-approved walk, in all likelihood you’ll probably find yourself spending the day sinking further and further into the depths of your sofa (we’re not judging, promise). To keep you company? Why not crack on with all fifteen hundred episodes of Come Dine With Me. Narrated by Dave Lamb and featuring four dinner party hopefuls each episode, this show is the perfect material to reminisce on times gone by (where sitting next to someone at a table wasn’t a crime) whilst getting inspo for future socialising. Extravagant trifles and burnt black steaks not tickling your pickle? Check out our guide to TV’s finest food shows here (may contain Louis Theroux).

Feel instantly better about yourself by judging other people's lacklustre interiors and shocking culinary skills.

The 5pm Panic

Sure you’re starting to feel a little better, but it’s nearly early evening now and there’s a nagging voice in your head whispering something along the lines of "what a sad little life, Jane". It’s not too late for you to achieve something today though - get your culture fix (and dose of smug) by checking out one of these awe-inspiring virtual exhibitions. From the Louvre in Paris to the Guggenheim in Bilbao - all are now accessible at the touch of a finger, meaning you can nourish the mind while saving on the airfare. 

Virtual Louvre

What could be more soothing than a (virtual) stroll through the world's most impressive galleries?

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