bompas parr london event

Photo Credit: Luke Evans

'Never mind the crystal cut tumblers, we'll sip straight from the bone'

While not a conversation you might expect to be exchanged when a bottle of 30 year old whisky comes to conquer your gullet (and the morning after), it's a phrase that might be recognised all too well at the latest event from Bompas & Parr. Hailed as a duo that present your body with a 'crossmodal correspondences of the senses', and a pair that are inherently known for their ever clever indulgence in culinary research, Anatomical Whisky Tasting takes a dram good stab at the art of the body-shot.

While you may think that food and drink events involving bare flesh are purely reserved for tables in awkwardly up-front sushi restaurants, you'd be wrong. Preparing to join tongue, whisky and flesh this Valentine's Day in Shoreditch, Bompas & Parr will be exploring what it is to join the age of whisky, with the age of a person. From supping a 30 year old whisky out of the collarbone of a 30 year old model, to woofing up a 50 year old number from the belly button of half-century old Hell's Angel, you'll not only explore bodies alongside the body of an aged whisky, these performers are here to tell you their tale. An event to get tongues wagging? Quite literally. 

“For each tasting, we will create an alcoholic oasis in the willing participant’s naval (or other handy bodily recess) with the spirits providing a thrilling libation for guests’ exploring tongues – their experienced organs of taste.”

Anatomical Whisky Tasting takes place this Valentine's Day at the Ace Hotel in Shoreditch.