London’s Iconic Cocktail Trailblazers Announce Two More Venues And We Couldn’t Be Happier

Published . By Lisa Moore.

Callooh Callay Bars London | DesignMyNight

Eccentric sips: this bar team sure knows how to make a statement.

If you think two Callooh Callay joints in the capital are incredible, how do a couple more sound? That’s exactly what’s happening as the quirky, award-winning cocktail pros have revealed that they’re opening some brand new speakeasies right here in London. We’ll raise a toast to that.

With a portfolio that also boasts Little Bat in Islington and The Duchess of Dalston, we're sure these new hangouts will blend the same signature vibe that’s expected from Callooh Callay but with some unexpected twists. The first spot, a more food-centric venture near Bishopsgate, is set to open late June and will see you enter through a vintage clothes shop: a cute nod to nearby Petticoat Lane. The second is planned to launch in the autumn and promises a new, three-floored wonder right in the heart of Covent Garden. Cocktail making masterclasses? They’re all over it. A bespoke branded gin? In the pipeline too. Oh, and don’t forget about bizarre interiors, playful drinks and renowned service.

If that wasn’t enough, there’s also word of a UK-wide expansion too. Bring it on, we say.

You can book Callooh Callay Chelsea and Shoreditch right now, but keep checking back for confirmed opening dates for City and Covent Garden. For the latest London bar and restaurant news, sign up to our weekly newsletter.