Blue Monday: 8 Ways To Boost Your Mood In London This January 15th

The January blues got you feelin' down in the dumps? Fear not. London's got your back with a pile of mood-lifting activities to sprinkle some sparkle on your day. Whether you're chasing laughs, epic views, or just some good ol' comfort food, we've lined up a bunch of mood-enhancing activities in the city to turn that frown upside down. You're welcome.

Visit London's Prettiest (Hidden) Green Spots

London, known for its leafy streets and lush gardens like Hampstead Heath or Greenwich Park, boasts more green gems than meets the eye (Fun fact: 47% of the city is just green space). Beyond the famed names, though, lie tranquil green oases, blooming with flora and serene private walks you wouldn't find in any of the bigshots. We'd recommend ticking off these stunning offbeat nature nooks for a bit of secret history and mystery in equal measure.

ūüĆ≤Alexandra Park: The home of Alexandra Palace, Alexandra Park rocks the north with its notoriety for providing an escape from busy city life since way back in 1863. Rain or shine, this 200-acre beauty is the perfect green space for a leisurely stroll, boasting winding paths and killer city views.¬†

ūüĆĻHampstead Pergola: A rundown terrace overgrown with vines and flowers, Hampstead Pergola is a hidden delight oozing rustic charm and faded grandeur. A garden for all seasons, this beauty is a popular wedding venue thanks to its peaceful atmosphere and expansive views.

ūüĆļIsabella Plantation: Situated within Richmond Park, Isabella Plantation has rare trees and shrubs game on point. Picture-perfect, especially during springtime, with azalea blooms turning it into a sumptuous pink paradise, this woodland garden is a floral heaven for flower buffs and Instagrammable photoshoots.

ūüĆŅSt Dunstan In The East: On the quirkier side, St Dunstan In The East's church ruins are a tiny green paradise in the middle of the big smoke. With trees growing through windows and vines wrapping themselves around the walls, this bombed-out church is a mystical garden filled with colourful flowerbeds, shady trees, and a strange history to dive into.

St Dunstans | DesignMyNight

Happiness is just around the corner.

Take A Breather With A Sound Bath

Escape the city chaos and tune into sound baths for the ultimate zen vibes. Lie back and relax as gongs and crystals work their magic, transporting you into a realm of relaxation for better ZZZs, mood boosts, and stress relief. We've teamed up with ThirdSpace to bring you two exclusive Sound Bath sessions at Ham Yard Hotel this January and February. Immerse yourself in a unique soundscape of gongs, crystal bowls, and percussive beats, guided by ThirdSpace's expert instructors, leaving you all refreshed and rejuvenated, starting at only £25 a pop.

Third Space | DesignMyNight

Indulge in a sound bath to cleanse the soul.

Escape To Another World At London's Immersive Art Scene

London's immersive art scene is bursting with excitement, promising an eclectic mix of experiences to brighten up your blue January mood. From Frameless' Victorian charm with sensor magic to Illusionaries' digital revolution featuring Markos Kay's AI-infused wonderland marvels, there's a creative buffet waiting to be revelled in. Dive into Van Gogh's Starry Night, stroll through Monet's vibrant landscapes at Brick House, or get lost in childhood nostalgia at Dopamine Land, complete with bubble tea, fire lanterns and a popcorn room.

Dopamine Land | DesignMyNight

New year, new cheer.

Lean Into The Magical World Of Mr Foggs

Step right up, Londoners, and let Mr Fogg whisk you away to an era of enchantment and liquid delights. Nestled in London's theatre district, Mr Fogg's Gin Parlour offers a Victorian-style adventure that's simply gin-tastic. We'd recommend Tipples and Treats, an experience where you can lounge on plush vintage furniture and sip on award-winning gin concoctions for just £34 per person. For something a bit more whimsical, go for A Night of Magic at The Residence, an enchanting evening of wonders and wizardry, where you'll be spellbound by the resident magician's mastery of the mysterious and marvellous. A mid-week treat like no other.

Mr Foggs | DesignMyNight

Sipping adventures await.

Check Into Plaza Suite With Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker is making her West End debut alongside hubby Matthew Broderick in Neil Simon's 'Plaza Suite' at the Savoy Theatre. The hilarious play, previously a massive hit on Broadway, features the duo portraying various quirky couples dealing with their unique set of problems in a swanky hotel suite. Expect a night of roaring comedic fun that showcases the duo's insane talent, staying true to SJP's fanbase. 

Park Plaza | DesignMyNight

It's time for some suite laughs.

Relive Your Childhood At Disney100: The Exhibition

Explore 100 years of enchantment with over 250 rare goodies and interactive displays at Disney100: The Exhibition, taking place at ExCel London from 27th December 2023 to 20th January 2024. The exhibition is a celebration of Disney's history, featuring immersive galleries showcasing original artwork, iconic props, and a peek behind the scenes of iconic characters and attractions. From magical installations to a life-size 'Incredibles' display and photo ops with treasured ol' pals like Mickey and Goofy, it's an experience any Disney buff would die for. 

Disney100 | DesignMyNight

Your ticket to happily ever after.

Get Cosy And Catch A Flick In A Hot Tub

Dream scenario: Watching Legally Blonde while soaking in your very own private hot tub boat with stunning Canary Wharf views in the backdrop. All of this cinematic magic comes at just £35 per person, plus you get access to cosy changing facilities & storage. Just don't forget to bring your swimsuit - you don't want to leave behind any soggy surprises.

Hot Tub Film Club | DesignMyNight

Where movie-watching meets bubble-bathing.

Go Dry For January

Gone a bit overboard with all the New Year's Eve partying, eh? This January, take a break from the booze and opt for non-alcoholic juices at quirky bars and immersive events. We're talking Shuffleboard Bar in Kings Cross for arcade games and freshly-baked pizza, Wizard Exploratorium if you fancy a fabulously themed afternoon tea, Roller Nation for a nostalgic night of disco on wheels or the iconic adult playground Ballie Ballerson and much much more. Seems like a good start to a recovery sesh, don't you think?

Roller Nation | DesignMyNight

January just got a whole lot dryer.

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