Looking for the best places to catch Pokemon in London? Well of course you are, pretty much everybody in the capital is, and you’ve certainly picked the right city to play. In a list of the top 20 places to catch rare Pokemon in the UK, 9 are in London. While part of the thrill of playing Pokemon Go is stumbling upon rare and treasured characters by chance - how good would it be if you could go straight to the source and catch all kinds of great Pokemon in one swoop? Here’s five great bars to get started.

Drink, Shop & Do

Not come across Dratini yet? Seek out Drink, Shop & Do - a gem of a cafe and cocktail bar hidden away from the crowds near King’s Cross - and your luck could well be in. Stop by to seek out this elusive Pokemon and, if you don’t manage to catch it this time around, there’s still coffee, cakes and a whole collection of wonderful (and usually free if you buy a drink) events going down instead.

Photo Credit: Jon Santa Cruz

Rolling Stock

So, um, that heatwave was pretty short and sweet - but there’s still every reason to get yourself into the beer garden at Rolling Stock this summer. We stopped by this Kingsland Road favourite last week and found it to be a hotbed for Pokemon Go enthusiasts, with gamers seeking out rare Pokemon in between sips of their cocktails. Don’t stay glued to your phone all night though, there’s a great atmosphere to enjoy here, Pokestop or no Pokestop.

Pokemon + drinks + beer garden = summertime bliss.

Queen of Hoxton

There’s a section of Shoreditch - where Great Eastern Street meets Curtain Road - that is absolutely crawling with Pokemon. We won’t ruin the surprise by saying exactly who you can catch, but we would suggest tying in a visit to the Queen of Hoxton while you’re here. Get catching and then celebrate a job well done with a few drinks on the Queen’s suntrap roof terrace.

Cash in on Curtain Road then head for a couple of cold ones at this beautiful terrace.

Brixton Jamm

An all-day Pokemon themed-party is going down at Brixton Jamm for south London’s dedicated gamers. Coming for Saturday 6th August, this will be an all-day, hip-hop soundtracked shindig, with the venue well-lured for you to add to your collection when you’re taking a break from the dance floor. Early-bird tickets are as rare as the Pokemon you’re likely to find; grab one of their batch of 100 for £2.

London's first Pokemon-dedicated party goes down in Brixton on the 6th.

Duck & Waffle

Don't get completely side-tracked by the views here. Granted, this vantage point is one of the best in the city, but Duck & Waffle is also one of the best spots to catch Pokemon in London, too. Treat yourself to a few sumptuous cocktails and some acclaimed food while you check in at this Pokestop, all of 40 floors and 230 metres above street level.

Pokemon at its peak in Duck & Waffle's dining room.