Beat the festive hell out of Christmas trees in this rage room

Added on . By Katie Houghton.

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Give Christmas trees and baubles what for in this rage-filled room. 

I've got a problem, and that problem is Christmas. So how do I solve my problem? I mean, how do I really, you know, hurt my problem? While I certainly wont go around kicking carol singers in the crotch and stealing the Brussels sprouts off of the plates of festive diners, I can beat the living needles out of a Christmas tree. 

That's right, Meredith Collective have reached on into the brains of every girl, guy and grinch in London to bring about the first ever Christmas rage room. Don a hard hat, limber up in your red jumpsuit and unleash festive hell on a room filled with Christmas trees, dancing santas and decorations as you take a baseball bat to all things seasonal. Finished your festive fight? Wiped that smile off that smug-as-sunshine santa? You can join the pop-up bar for a few drinks afterwards.

Rudolph's Rage Room is open this weekend from Thursday 14th December to Monday 18th December 2017 at Secret East London location. Buy your tickets here