sister slush alcoholic slush puppies london

Siiiiisters, are doing slush puppies for themselves.

According to the Huffington Post, boozy slushies are having a moment, and according to this new drinks provider and pop-up in London, the named news provider could be on to something.

Having recently showcased their slushy wares at the Startisans VBAD Drinks Market, we've got our eyes on these slushy sisters, as nothing beats a slushy than one crammed with alcohol. I wanna cool down, but I wanna do it productively, ya know. Hailing their mixes as 'serving sugar free fruit based slushies blended with premium spirits', we're excited to see where they head next. And just how many they'll give us.

Sister Slush made their first appearance at the VBAD Drinks Market on June 3rd. Keep an eye out for them at future food and drinks markets in London.