After a devastating fire, circus pub Aeronaut is due to reopen in November

Last updated . By Katie Houghton.

aeronaut london launch

West London's most unique pub returns after almost a year of closure.

Devastating events ripped through Acton on New Year's Eve last year as beloved circus pub Aeronaut was struck by a crippling fire, leaving the entirety of the venue blackened and burnt. While news of the closure was a hard blow to the community and venue patrons alike, there's news this October that's sure to be welcomed with open arms. 

Following a year of hard work, Aeronaut have committed to one of London's most impressive turnarounds, reopening the venue this November 30th. Promising that the show would go on, the team have worked tirelessly to return Aeronaut to its former, carnival-esque glory. Not only will the 'Big Top' room open for more circus shows and performers than ever, they're set to boast UK’s first pub-based combined immersive and virtual reality games set up alongside themed weekend brunches and more.

"We were touched by the messages of support from the Acton community when the pub closed on New Year's Day, says Dene Stevenson. So for the people of Acton and in celebration of the memory of local airman - George Lee Temple - upon whose pioneering spirit the pub is based, we are proud to announce that the Aeronaut is lifting off again, and this time the ride will more thrilling than ever"

Join Aeronaut this November in London as they return for more circus shows and entertainment than ever. Want to head down to the lift off party? Buy your tickets here. Attended last year's New Year's Eve party? You're invited to join in on the fun for free.