If you're a self professed people watcher and proud, then the 24 hour tube brings a whole new stage of gormless glaring to get stuck into. The tube is a place where you can push the boundaries of normal social interaction. You may huff, but I will continue to read over your shoulder in a bid to beat you to the bottom of the page. And you may turn your tablet screen away from my prying eyes, but we've all seen the finale of Game of Thrones before you.

Now, bring alcohol and twilight hours into the mix and you have yourself one meddled underground of misshapen youth, beer can wielding messers and the general inebriated to play with. But that's not what we're here for, it's where these debauched specimens have come from or are going that concerns us. So, 24 hour party people, unite in our 'Access All Areas' to London's latest nightlife come September when the tube will be running wild all night long. 

Studio 338, Greenwich (North Greenwich Tube Station) - 6am close

Hosted on the ever reliable Jubilee Line, SE London is where it's at for day turn into night parties that rumble through Greenwich Peninsula until the sun rises. Boasting one of Europe's biggest terraces (worth noting it's covered for the winter months - spot on), Studio 338 is a Summer haven for alfresco DJ sets, botanical boozing and huge parties having had international artists like Soul Clap, Nick Monaco and Wolf + Lamb on the decks. 

Studio 338

A Greenwich greenhouse for the die hard clubbers with a taste for terrace parties. (Image credits: Daddy's Got Sweets)

Ekcovision, Brixton Tube Station - 6am close

The end of the line; the start of the night. Brixton's latest joint is brought to us by the guys behind Effra Social and Dogstar. Presenting Ekcovision - SW2's all day and all night venue. Sure to be a hot springs for all the raucous revelers looking for a fix of late night nuisance, this events and entertainment space will be a barrage of booze, beats and those who pass out on the tube, wake up delirious at the end of the line and wander out in search of refuge/a drink. 


Fu Manchu, Clapham Tube Station - 3am close Fri/Sat

Moving on to SW4; Clapham is like the walterz of a fairground, it's bright lights draw you in, you always enjoy the ride, maybe vomit a little, but it seems over too soon. Fear no more for Fu Manchu is here. As the name may suggest, Fu Manchu is a pastiche of Oriental and contemporary with caricatures of Fu brandishing the walls and Dim Sum dabbling in abundance. 


Lightbox, Vauxhall Tube Station - 6am close

Hedonists unite - Lightbox is a city of strobes, light beams and a haven for all hardcore clubbers in London. If all you need is a beat and a space for your feet to two step then this basement venue under the arches of Vauxhall railway lines is your mecca. Dubstep, House or Trance; whatever your pleasure dome, you'll find it satisfied in sensory overload here. We can see the lights.


(Image credits: Here & Now)


The Nightjar, Shoreditch (Liverpool Street Tube Station) - 3am close Thurs to Sat

A legend in the world of mixology and bespoke nightlife, The Nightjar is rated as one of the world's top bars. Which means you should really go see what all the fuss is about. Captivating, alluring and coated in 1920s charm, discover this speakeasy lair of tailored supping and live music for something a little different to the hustle of the clubbing scene. It's all candlelit interiors, atmospheric elegance and the most exquisitely crafted cocktails. 


Be At One Greek Street, Soho (Leicester Square Tube Station) - 3am close

"The Boy" when it comes to playful cocktail craft, barmy bartenders and London's best loved 'Happy Hour', Be At One have rampaged their way across London's nightlife scene with a bar or two in practically every borough. Their latest nook has set up shop on Soho's Greek Street with one crucial difference to all other Be At One's - that all important late licence. Open 'til 3, it's a game of cocktails, tunes and dancing here. 

Be At One Greek Street Soho

(Image credits: Claudio Saroldi Photography)


Drink, Shop & Do, King's Cross Tube Station - 2am close

For all fidgety fingers, paper-mache patrons or dance floor demons, Drink Shop & Do is the answer to all arts, crafts and drinking affairs. Go from playdough modelling or a Beyonce booty shaking dance class to an intimate space downstairs where the music turns up and the night really heats up. Get stuck in, muck in, and swig down some cocktails whilst you're reveling in school-time activities. Oh youth!


Opium, Chinatown (Piccadilly Circus Tube Station) - 3am close Fri/Sat

An imperial palace of mixology mastery and Dim Sum dishes where cabinets of tonics and elixirs wait to be decantered into ornate chinaware's. Everything spells an oriental charm at Opium and although it's not your traditional clubbing spot, she's a beauty for custom cocktails, atmospheric supping and delectable dim sum. Still open until 3am so there's plenty of time to prop yourself at the door and stumble out to the tube for round 2. 



Egg, King's Cross Tube Station - 8am close

From one underground to another, Egg is a true all night institution open until 10am on a Saturday with three floors of raging fist pumping mayhem to get stuck into. And yes, come 10am you can find yourself some breakfast and a coffee before you depart Egg, so there's no need to go hungry with food envy on the tube. Catch your favourite DJs from all over the world here as they descend on this mammoth music venue.


XOYO, Shoreditch (Liverpool Street Tube Station) - 4am close Fri/Sat

Back to the discotheque game with XOYO; playful by name, playful by nature. Welcome to East London's collective for hot boys and girls with a playlist of the latest and greatest DJs. If you're young, trendy and looking to lose it on the dancefloor 'til late then this is your ticket. This place is nothing short of a ruddy good night out, with a good limb stretching wander to the tube when it's all over (because some genius didn't include Old Street on the 24 hour plan). 



Proud, Camden Tube Station - 2:30am close

Who'd a thunk an old horse hospital could be the epicenter of all Camden cavorts come nightfall? Proud know how to put on a good spread when it comes to a night out. They've got a terrace, complete with hot tubs and greenery, a club room where DJs romp until after 2am and the horse stables recycled into private party booths. Alright then! Think glitter, glamour and a birra grime. 

Proud Camden

Raunchy, raucous and always rolling in hard hitting nights.