A Huge Psychedelic Funhouse is Bringing an Epic Club Night to London

Last updated . By Faith Strickland.

Psychedelic Funhouse

The Psychedelic Funhouse is bringing neon fun to London's clubbing scene in March 2018.

There's London club nights, and then there's LONDON CLUB NIGHTS; The Psychedelic Funhouse sits firmly in the latter camp. Touring the country, the night is coming to London in March 2018 and will be bringing all sorts of wackiness and weirdness with it. From a corner of gnomes and glow in the dark hammocks, through to psychedelic walkways and kaleidoscopic decor, the event is going all out with the neon decorations. It won't be just a feast for your eyes, however, as a hot line-up of DJs play house, trance and EDM. To top it off, CO2 canons will be blasting, you can dip your body in psychedelic body paint dips, and there will be free rainbow cupcakes for you to devour. While we don't know all the details yet, we expect this to be one night you won't forget in a hurry.

The Psychedelic Funhouse is taking place in London on 3rd March 2018; ticketing details will be released within the next few weeks.