Leon Dalloway - full time gin-extraordinaire and brains behind the Shake, Rattle and Stir concept - has put together an endearing package of events that offer something genuinely different to spirit-enthusiasts all over the capital. The idea is to combine the owners' extensive knowledge of gin and cocktails with their love of London, to offer a vibrant and unique experience to their guests. And boy do they achieve it.

A particularly prominent feather in the SR&S cap is the Gin Journey, which takes revellers on a trip through a collection of the city's finest cocktail bars, sampling a vast array of delightful concoctions whilst they're at it. But this event isn't just an evening of mindless drinking (as fun as that would be), for the guys at SR&S are determined to teach everyone who journeys with them all about the wonderful world of gin at the same time. Guests sample gin-spired delights of all shapes and sizes, whilst learning all about the history and production methods of every sample that goes down the hatch. As if that wasn't enough, the tour chauffeurs its guests from one great location to the next, at no extra charge.

They also offers a Gin Garden Masterclass, which sees their team of expert mixologists bring their box of tricks to different venues, from bars to offices, and just about anywhere you can think of. Guests outline their ideal event - no matter how indulgently extravagant or minimally quaint - and the team at SR&S come and deliver it, with no fuss. With a new feature named the London Gin Experience in the pipeline too, the fun-loving approach taken from the SR&S headquarters set this concept apart from the others.