Barber Shop Revolution

Shots at the barber shop? Yes please boss!

So - the barnet's looking a little out of control again. It's probably time to take that customary trip down to your local hairdressers, where you'll desperately try to avoid eye contact with the incredibly suspect barber in hope that the one guy who seems to know what he is doing takes charge of your trim. But what if he's ill today? What if the only choice you are left with is to accept some dodgy, uneven cut from the guy still apparently yet to graduate from barber school? Of course, you can't go against the unwritten rule that states that, no matter how soul-destroyingly poor your haircut is, you'll greet the question "how's that then?" with nothing other than "yeah that's great, thanks!"

But it doesn't have to be this way, friends. There's a whole host of barber shops across the capital so cool and quirky that you'd feel tempted to pop in and hang out there even if you were weeks away from your scheduled hair cut. The uber elegant Dolce & Gabana Barbiere in New Bond Street point blank refuse to use clippers - they'll cut everything with military precision using nothing other than they're trusted scissors, whilst Sharps on Windmill Street offers visitors ice cold beers and personal TVs whilst they tend to your barnet. Newburgh Street's Parkhurst comes kitted out with chic leather chairs - and with customers sipping at whiskey whilst in the hot-seat - the shop has an atmosphere more akin to a stylish speakeasy than a barber's shop. But its Harry's Corner Shop that ultimately has the final say here. They'll take a selection of photos after the cut's conclusion and add it to your own haircut personal log-book, so your unique style is carefully nurtured every time you step through the door. 

Long gone are the days of answering mundane questions in your stale local barbers, the evolution of the barber shop is complete.