This article is completely biased, and frankly my dear; I don't give a damn. Dim sum in London is just about the best it's ever been, and with never a better platform than ever to stand on, I thought i'd utilise my own love affair with these sticky, petite parcels to bring you some of the finest dim sum that the city has to provide. Whether it's at brunch, or creating some yourself, this lot'll have you covered:

Learn to make it yourself at a masterclass

Having recently bought a steamer myself, i'm all about the DIY dim sum revolution, and so are Chinese Cricket Club. While sure, you can head to the charming restaurant and buy these tidy morsels yourself, why not join them for a masterclass every 3rd Monday of the month and get hands on with the sticky stuff; arrival drink, scoffing and demonstration aptly included for just £35.

dim sum class in london

Chinese Cricket Club unveil all their insider, dim sum secrets at a unique masterclass.

Scoff until you drop at Ping Pong Covent Garden

You're not going to Covent Garden to shop, and you're certainly not going to Covent Garden to get fizzy at happy hour, you're going to Covent Garden to eat dim sum until you practically pop. Found just shy of the main strip and boasting dimly-lit charm, refuse the cries of your bank balance and head on down for affordable bites as Ping Pong's dim sum is a roster of unstoppable classics. 

ping pong covent garden london

This isn't an eating challenge, this is unadultered, ploughing-your-face pleasure.

Enjoy it in a secret restaurant in Soho

Knocking down the doors of Chinatown to find this dim sum nugget will feel worth it in the end. Not only is Opium one of London's Eastern, hidden gems (follow the bouncer, it's your only way in), their dim sum is practically famous of its own accord. Set your dim sum plates alongside a roster of fire-cracker cocktails and Opium promises that all of your dim dum desires will more than be fulfilled.

opium best dim sum in london

Knowing how to dim sum of those lights, Opium is a hidden haven for all things steamed. 

Practically eat dim sum for breakfast at Hakkasan

Marmite on toast is my holy grail for breakfast, eggs on sourdough too. But let's be honest, you've got dim sum on your mind this Sunday and only brunch will quell those pangs; that, and Hakkasan. Not only one of the most stunning dim sum restaurants in London, they're serving dim sum for one bloody, almighty brunch as Sundays from midday play host to a bespoke, £58 menu of must-try bites the likes of scallop shumai and baked venison puff. 

best dim sum brunch in london

Bespoke dim sum bites at brunch courtesy of the radiant Hakkasan restaurant.

Spend a month's wages on it at Grand Imperial

A tapas of the Eastern world, it's easy to get swept up in a selection of dim sum plates, and it can't be said more than for those at the Grand Imperial. While their selection comes in at more than reasonable pricing (often only £4 a pop), the sheer magnitude of options at the Imperial means you won't just be spoilt for choice, you'll be hard for space on a table full of steamed cuttlefish, scallop dumplings, pork sui mai and more.

top dim sum restaurant in london

Grand Imperial appears to boast what could be the biggest selection of dim sum plates in London.