The freakshakes; they're not a body blizzard when you see a weirdo walking your way, they're the new gluttonous trend and they're popping up all over London. Originally found in Australia (though we don't care all that much where they came from, would you just look at them for milk's sake), freakshakes are mountainous milkshakes that promise everything from biscuits, ice cream and sprinkles to waffles, pretzels and we think we saw a kitchen sink in one too. We had to know where to find them, and we think you should know too.....

Molly Bakes

Cutesy photography, kitsch cakes and underdalterated whimsy isn't the only thing you can take away from Molly Bakes, you can get stuck into some serious sugar intimidation too. Host to some of the most infamous freakshakes in London, Molly Bakes cater to all things good and gluttonous with mason jars stacked to the brim with Ice Cream Union cream, brownies, cookies, honeycomb and more. They're so big, you have to make sure you order one an hour before close.

molly bakes freakshake in london

Molly Bakes shine a light on all things sugar with London's best freakshakes.


Italian gelato may be the bread and butter of a location such as Sensations, but it's their freakshakes that are leaving Londoners heads spinning with a sugar rush. Brimming, topped with cream and boasting flavours the likes of Nutella, Peanut Butter and Kit Kat for those taking a break from all things healthy, Sensations may be the newest kids on the freakshake scene, but they're giving London's sugar freaks what for. 

sensations freakshake in london

Pretzels and piled high cream are just the start of it when it comes to London's freakshakes.



One of the first names that gave freakshakes what for in the city, and notorious for their Americana stance, Maxwell's provide some of the most gluttonous milkshakes yet. A barrage of salted caramel topped with pretzels, an Oreo stuffed milkshake with an Oreo ice cream sandwich on top and plenty more, start with burgers and finish off your fallen, foodie angel with these milkshake monsters.

maxwells freakshakes in london

Let's be honest, Maxwell's and the freakshake look to have become very firm friends indeed.

Canvas Cafe

Let's be honest, you've had a LOT of milk to contend with in the last four freakshake items, so why don't we give you something a little more enviromentally friendly to sink those gnashers into. Brough to London by Canvas Cafe, these freakshakes are not only a lovingly 100% vegan, they're brimming with fresh and seasonal ingredients the likes of beetroot, coconut, matcha, and chocolate or avocado.

canvas cafe vegan freakshakes in london

We're talking about the best vegan milkshakes in London here folks.