Forget movie nights in; do yourself a favour, grab your mates and re-live your favourite flicks for just £1 at the Clapham Grand.

The Venue

The Grand is only a hop, skip and jump away from Clapham Junction station, so you can easily dance your way across to the historic building. It’s a spacious venue, with plenty of seats dotted around so you can sit back and get cosy whilst you drool over Patrick Swayze on the big screen. Take your pick from downstairs or upstairs seating, or opt for a VIP box with a few mates to get the most out of the night.

With two floors of seating and an enormous screen, The Grand is a great place for a movie night.

The Show

Bringing some of the biggest box office hits from recent times to their huge screen every weekend, Dirty Dancing took centre stage upon our visit. From a comical rendition of that famous medley, to a potent shot of Sambuca to glug upon arrival; you will surely have the time of your life at this nook. Before you get caught up in the classic romance, pose for a quirky snap at the photobooth, help yourself to some popcorn or scoff down a classic hotdog. Be sure to stack up on some tantalising drinks, as they'll be needed for you to participate in the quirky drinking games that go down as you watch the flick. Your ticket also permits you entry to the club night afterwards, so you can take in the movie and let those spaghetti arms loose on the dancefloor for just a quid. Bargain.

Films, snacks and drinking games for a quid? And that's before the after-party even gets started.

The Atmosphere

The Grand certainly knows how to bring a movie to life. There was a mixed clientele; from groups of friends who were re-living their younger days, to couples out for an alternative date night. Everyone was laid back, and it wasn’t all hush hush, with many happy to converse and giggle over the shirtless Swayze to that famous lift.

The casual set-up here suits alternative date nights and cosy evenings out with mates.


The £1 Cinema Club was the perfect alternative to the usual cinema date with girlfriends, and certainly a whole lot cheaper than my usual escapades. The Grand promises something new on a regular basis, with everything spanning from cult classics to modern action hits, this is sure to become a regular fixture for movie fanatics.

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