A haven for all those devoted to rock, Roxx is a refreshing addition to the Fitzrovia party scene. After being met with wide acclaim, we decided to see if Roxx could crack the code for success.

The Venue

Formerly found at Notting Hill’s Blagclub, Roxx’s new home is on Winsley Avenue in Fitzrovia, just around the corner from Oxford Street. The owners perhaps could not have picked a better location. Located at Code, inside Libertine, if you're booked on the Roxx guest list, you can avoid the hordes in the queue and get straight into the backstage party that awaits you!

Roxx at Code prides itself on its ‘backstage’ feel and artistic originality. Alongside the extravagant bar and intimate dance floor you’ll find a few trademark touches that will have you questioning whether you’ve stepped into a West End club, or a gritty industrial warehouse of hard rock and wanton iniquity.

roxx review 1

With comfy seating areas, crowd round with friends at Roxx and enjoy the racy cocktails.

The Ambience and Clientele

As you stumble into the crowd of young and trendy rock-lovers, you’ll pass by punkish skulls painted on the walls that stare down at you like dungeon masters. When your drinks catch up with you and you finally need to make a run to the bathroom you’ll have to step into an old-fashioned elevator that is covered in graffiti and manned by a friendly, wisecracking operator. He’ll usher you to what has been called the ‘naughty bathroom,’ a sensual alcove complete with a toilet, sink, TV screen, and extra seating space!

Another unique aspect of Roxx is its spontaneous performances. Throughout the course of the night, seemingly random musicians will pop up around the dance floor and play tunes to get everyone riled up like opening performers at a live show. A nice touch. The music is the defining feature of Roxx; with classic tunes from the likes of Fleetwood Mac, Kings of Leon, Rolling Stones and Arctic Monkeys - in essence, proper party rock, with some credible house remixes of classic rock tunes and fun time party tracks to keep you up all night.

roxx review 3

It gets pretty raucous at Roxx, so don't be shy, get involved!

The Food and Drinks

Roxx’s menu is divided between £11 ‘rational’ and £13 ‘irrational’ cocktails, and also includes several extremely cool options, such as chocolate covered scorpions (get this… with absinthe!) and the house favourite, the Roxxstar Skulls (vodka, Creme de cassis, passionfruit, and champagne served in a skull).

If you’re hungry, you can also order classic bar food such as burgers, fries, pizzas and egg rolls. Another awesome detail I loved was the fact that the drink names continue the raunchy theme of the club. For example there was the classic Pornstar Martini, The Purple Headed Warrior, and the Screaming Orgasm – all more than a little racy.

roxx review 2

The Roxxstar Skulls are a real crowd favourite, and you can see why!


Roxx is like a hedonistic cloud sent down by the Gods of Rock; and its descent onto its present dwelling in Fitzrovia is a bacchic pleasure that should be experienced by one and all. Roxx isn’t exactly like your average DJ bar, nor is it the equivalent of a club in Mayfair or Covent Garden. Rather, Roxx is something which carries aspects of each, while still retaining its stunning individuality. Choose Roxx if you want something a little different when it comes to clubbing in London. Be quick however, Roxx will soon be completing its three month residency and moving to new pastures.