Though often referred to as one of London’s most impressive Indian restaurants, after a trip down to Haymarket's Mint Leaf Restaurant & Bar, I soon realised that the delicious food is only one arm of this tasty hub’s arsenal. 

The Venue

Located nearby to the hubbub of Piccadilly Circus and in the heart of London’s theatre district, Mint Leaf enjoys an enviable location. But unlike some of its neon-lit and raucous neighbours, the venue itself is contemporary, chic and most of all, luxurious. Descend the stairs on entrance and you’re welcomed into a former bank vault turned cocktail lounge, laced with dark wood, black marble and modern seating. The restaurant area is spread across the rest of the venue, with areas for small or large groups, as well as more intimate tables for couples. To give an idea of just how versatile the space is, check out the aisle in between the tables that doubles up as a fashion run way.

Mint Leaf

Dark woods perfectly match the chilled ambience at Mint Leaf

The Atmosphere and Clientele

Due to its location, Mint Leaf attracts a pre and post theatre flock, the after work crowd in search of a cocktail or two, as well as couples looking to treat themselves. On my visit on a Tuesday evening, the bar area was happily buzzing, as well as hosting a private event in a separate area. The drinks were seemingly flowing and the vibe was relaxed but fun. The food and drinks you’ll find at Mint Leaf are undoubtedly of a higher calibre than your average bar and restaurant in the vicinity, so naturally they also carrier a higher (but still reasonable) price tag; with that in mind the crowd tends to be classy, well dressed, but not pretentious; a good mix overall.

Mint Leaf

Cocktails O'Clock at Mint Leaf

Food and Drink

Traditional Indian Cuisine, with a modern twist? Yes please. We went for the Duck Pepper Fry and the Tandoori Chicken for our mains, with some traditional Indian bites for sides. I was contently full after, though naturally, still had some space for a mouth-wateringly good chocolate brownie for dessert. To put it quite simply, the food at Mint Leaf was incredible.

Mint Leaf

Trial out traditional Indian food with a classy twist


I’d only previously known Mint Leaf as a restaurant, so after speaking to the manager there and finding out about the different events - with live percussion and DJ nights in the bar Fridays & Saturdays, and their multi-functional spaces - I was genuinely impressed to hear of their unique and fresh approach to hosting. Classy, tasty and fun…without the pretension. I’m certainly a fan.