If you’re looking for a fun-filled but classy night of food, dancing, and music, you’ll get all three for the price of one at Dering Street’s Loop Bar.

The Venue

You’ll find Loop Bar tucked away on Dering Street, which is just a three-minute walk from Oxford Circus. Loop has a remarkably ordinary exterior and is only identifiable by the young crowd of well-dressed patrons who gather outside. Inside Loop are three floors of glitz and glamour; the phrase “lights, camera, action” came to mind as I moved from the first-floor lounge to the ground floor ‘Groovy Wonderland,’ which comprises of a multi-colored dance floor, open booths, and two full bars.

loop bar review 2

With a groovy 70s disco dancefloor, Loop keeps people dancing all night long!

The Ambience and Clientele

After making my way past the fashionable groups who were socialising near the entrance; I found myself in the first floor lounge amidst a diverse crowd of starry-eyed tourists, young professionals and hen parties donning glitter-make up and brandishing glow rings.  Pop and R&B music played in the background, while people bustled to and fro with delicious looking cocktails in their hands. Feeling like a VIP at a club on Sunset Boulevard, I made my way to my table, which was comfortably close to the bar. I also noticed that the lounge was quickly filling up, even though it was a mere 7:30pm.

loop bar review 1

Loop Bar attracts a fun party crowd which gives the venue a great atmosphere.

The Food and Drinks

I was amazed at the range of well priced cocktails on the menu. I eventually ordered a classic Long Island Iced Tea as well as a raspberry and Prosecco-based Pink Blossom. Some other memorable drinks from the menu include the Miami Beach Breeze and the Ga-Ga Colada, tropical favourites featuring Cuban rum, citrus fruits, and Passoa.

There was a bit of a delay with our food, as the bar was very busy. When it arrived however, I was certain that it was well worth the wait. My ‘Rustic Platter’ was full of savoury meats and mouth-watering sauces; there were mini-hamburgers and steak ale pies, thickly-sliced potato wedges and chicken fingers, all garnished with leafy herbs. The rest of the menu features a medley of fusion dishes that draw influence from Asian, Mediterranean, and American cuisine.

loop bar review 3

Kick back and enjoy some great bar food with your cocktails. We can guarantee you'll want more...


Loop Bar is a great place to spend a trendy evening with friends or colleagues. You can, like me, start the party off early with some scrumptious food, then spend the rest of the night balancing your time between dancing in the ground floor disco and chatting up the many celebrity look-alikes at the bar. Nothing is overdone, the clientele are beautiful, and the prices are surprisingly affordable for a West End nightclub.