New bar spy - Flight Club Victoria

'Social Darts' bar Flight Club are opening their biggest venue yet in Victoria

Flight Club Victoria

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Winter 2018

What they say:

It seems like only yesterday we thought darts were exclusively for old men and people in big halls dressed as condoms shouting ‘DUN DUNNER NER’ at the top of their lungs. But now we have Flight Club, pioneers of ‘Social Darts’ – a technological concept so fun that even the staunchiest dart hater loves it – and they’re opening a third venue in Victoria’s NOVA development. They’ll be bringing even more real-time scoring and fun alternative darts games as this is their biggest site to date, boasting over 18 oches (the dart throwing arena) and a 2500sq ft outdoor space too.

What we say:

But destroying your colleagues, friends and loved ones at darts is hungry work; luckily, they have this covered too. Their menu is designed around sharing, with small plates like mac and cheese croquettes and grilled prawn skewers, as well as huge pizza paddles, where you can tuck into chargrilled chicken breast pizza with roasted peppers and pesto drizzle, or ‘Ndjua sausage pizza with fresh chillies, red onion, and Sriracha chilli sauce. Even the cocktails are sociable, as you can enjoy huge sharing trophy cocktails, or your smaller traditional and slushie versions, if you’re feeling more selfish.