New bar spy - Mint Gun Club

The Mint Gun Club eyes up Stoke Newington for a Summer opening

Mint Gun Club

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Now Open

What they say:

The Mint Gun Club is a stylish new bar that's opening in Stoke Newington this Summer. The venue has taken inspiration from the exotic lives of expatriates from days gone by, playing up the idea of exploring new areas, cultures and, importantly, flavours through the drinks it serves. The bar will take shape as a tea room crossed with the vibes of an aperitivo bar and will look to stand out by showcasing an array of wonderfully weird ingredients. Created by world-famous bartender Richard Hunt - who was awarded the International Bartender of the Year prize three years in a row - this venue will take notes from the past in order to create quirky, boundary-pushing contemporary cocktails. 

What we say:

The Mint Gun Club harks back to a time when exotic flavours and spices were the cash-cow of the British state. Clearly, it seems like 'travel' and 'exploration' are going to be two prominent themes of this spot. The extensive tea menu will showcases flavours from every corner of the globe and the pantry menu offers brunch dishes and small plates that certainly maintain that vibe. But it's the tonic, aperitivo and cocktail menu that's really caught our eye. Constantly changing and highlighting a range of different flavours, we have a hunch it's this that'll separate the Mint Gun Club from the rest.