Swift Swift hopes to transform London's drinking habits with fast-paced cocktail concept
12 Old Compton Street, London, W1D 4TQ
Happily Affordable ££
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What they say:

Serving signature cocktails, but cutting out the long waits, Swift in Covent Garden hopes to change the way London's crowds look at the idea of a 'quick drink'. The masterminds behind the bar have designed a slick, clean standing bar; the place for cocktails, champagne and even the odd oyster. Guests can enjoy fantastic cocktails without having to spend hours in the bar. Things are slightly more languid downstairs at the basement bar. There, guests will be treated to beautiful Art Deco sofas, a library of whisky and a cocktail menu that suits the slower pace.

What we say:

We heard the names Edmund Weil and Rosie Stimpson, and were immediately excited; the brains behind internationally renowned bars, Nightjar and Oriole. As if one industry power couple wasn't enough, they have teamed up with Mia Johansson and Bobby Hiddleston - both industry heavyweights in their own right too. Dream team springs to mind! Introducing an exciting drinking concept is never an easy thing, but this reinvention of the 'quick drink' will definitely make a splash. Widening the choices available to everyone on a night out and offering cocktails without the strict rules that usually surrounds them, we think London will lap it up. Pairing this with a more sophisticated drinking den, hiding below will ensure there's something for everyone. In all honesty, we can't wait to head down.