New bar spy - Matchbox

Cocktails and street food platters come to Shoreditch High Street


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Now Open

What they say:

Matchbox arrives on the 1st June to offer “a place where you can indulge in nice cocktails, watch sports, nibble street food platters and have a dance on a Saturday night.” They’ll host regular events and offer a chilled out atmosphere that will suit catching up with a group of mates or a big Tinder date alike. Matchbox will take the party up a notch every Friday and Saturday with DJ sets from 6pm.

What we say:

Lots of Shoreditch bars have a narrow focus, but now the High Street has a multi-purpose venue that’s all about drinks, street-food and late-night dancing under one roof. Promising an “all-encompassing” set-up with an interesting line-up of events, Matchbox will feature 55” flat screens on both floors to make it a great spot for watching live sport in Shoreditch at the same time.