Far Rockaway London - Cocktail Bar Review

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Last updated . By Katie Houghton.

Whilst many may think that Far Rockaway has plenty of cool to contend with considering its place in and amongst some of the most renowned bars in Shoreditch, this NYE style bar packs an urban punch thanks to its artistic style and cracking drinks collection.

The Venue

In case the name of bar didn't give it away, Far Rockaway is aptly named after an NYC neighbourhood with everything from the food to the decor paying a quirky homage to it. Have I got something to say about the size of this place? You bet I do. Split between a main bar, dandy American diner and sofa clad lounge area, Far Rockaway is the coolest giant you ever did see. Brimming with urban regalia, Stateside inspired pieces of art and smatterings of retro paraphernalia, it's more than a treasure trove of cool, it's an entire bounty of it. From a 4000 strong comic book collection to a selection of retro arcade games, Far Rockaway have pushed the boat out when it comes to user, or shall we say boozer, experience. 

Boasting a collection of street art, Far Rockaway is inspiring when it comes to decor.

The Food and Drink

A peanut butter, Reese's inspired cocktail? You got it. Camden Pale Ale in an authentic dimple pint glass? You got it. Bottle of house wine for under £20? Lo and behold, you got it too! It was clearly the little touches that impressed me so much when it came to drinks at Far Rockaway, be it their mini laser cut beer signs or their ability to cater to pretty much any taste.

So what exactly is there to get your chops into? Well, considering that this is an American style bar, we of course found American style food. Snapping up a Franks Hot Dogs for a snip at just £8, it's clear to see that Far Rockaway were inspired overseas with hearty slatherings of sauce and chunky meals that range from Mac and Cheese Spring Rolls (I know, right?!) to classic Far Rockaway burgers at £10.

Don't let these launch night sliders fool you, Far Rockaway's grub is as large in size as it is in flavour. 

The Atmosphere

Considering that we shimmied on by only a week after their initial opening, Far Rockaway was already buzzing with droves of hearty hipsters and local young 20-somethings hoping to get a look in on Shoreditch's latest venture. And whilst it was a Friday night and there were some disco schmoozers on the dance-floor pottering about to some retro indie classics, it's great to see a place so content with chilling out and taking Shoreditch life in its stride, be it for a quick drink or a party into the night.

Thanks to its unique collection of retro regalia, Far Rockaway is brimming with fun characters.


Far Rockaway is an absolute treasure when it comes to bars in Shoreditch, thanks to its playful mish-mash of interiors, reasonably priced drinks and laid-back attitude. Like a boyfriend we simply don't deserve, let's just hope Far Rockaway doesn't realise how much cooler it is than us and leave, we'll probably sob our not-so-sober eyes out if it ever does.