Big Chill Bar London - DJ Bar Review

Published . By Nicholas Coombs.

Big Chill Bar had always been a name I'd heard in conversation with friends, but I'd never been myself. So it made sense then to venture down the backstreets of Brick Lane and experience it first-hand.

The Venue

Due to its fairly nondescript location, you'd expect there to be a rather small gathering, yet this is not the case. On arrival, a large crowd was evident and whilst there were no queues to get in, the thought of finding somewhere to sit was somewhat daunting. A trendy and modern interior awaits your arrival, with a range of leather sofas and some really unique artwork on the walls. Their bar is long, sleek and from what's visible from their drinks range, impressive. Finding a seat is a case of survival of the fittest, but there's plenty of drink rests around to stop you looking awkward.

Big Chill Bar may get busy but there's enough room before having to worry about personal space.

The Atmosphere and Clientele

There really is quite an eclectic crowd here which can vary depending on the time of the day. Like any place open all day, an inherent sense of debauchery escalates as the evening progresses; in essence, while you could be enjoying a nice meal and a beer at lunch, you could also be getting your groove on later in the night.

There is no dress code so people arrive in an array of outfits from casual to trendy, and with its popularity amongst the post-work drinkers, expect to see a few suits thrown in as well.

Abound with leather sofas and imaginative decorations, it is a very unique decor.

The Music

Eclectic is really the best term to describe Big Chill Bar's music policy. On my visit it was a 90s hip hop night that played the classics, but also a number of more underground tunes that were hugely welcomed. They also have nights dedicated to indie, retro and disco, so you really could end up listening to anything. Yet as music is very important to them, you can trust a fine selection of songs, whatever the event.

Big Chill Bar can turn from a few chilled drinks to a party zone without you even realising!


So was a Big Chill Bar visit worth it? Most definitely. Fun, affordable and with a great atmosphere, it's a fantastic place with a popularity that is understandable. With consistently varied events, it keeps its customers constantly guessing and wanting more. Makes me wonder why it took me so long to find this little gem.