Can bowling be fun? That is the quest I was on when I visited All Star Lanes. The last time I went bowling was when I was 13 in my awful local bowling alley. I was sort of looking forward to it, I was ready to bring out the kid in me! All Star Lanes is not your normal, local bowling alley! It's a marvel! The bar area is bigger than the alley part (good in my book!) and the music is pumping like a proper London DJ Bar. We arrived an hour before we were going to bowl to enjoy a couple of Mojitos each! The group curled up on one of the orange banquettes and sipped fine cocktails as if we were sitting in one of All Star Lanes' trendy neighbours, not a bowling alley. With continued bar service direct to your alley, we were more than a bit tipsy mid-game! I'm definitely blaming that for my sub-standard performance. After our game we returned to the bar and continued the night. This place is brilliant! Great fun, great drinks and a very credible bar in its own right! Busy, bustling and bowling all in one. Go on, give it a go!