Call Me Mr Lucky Latest Breakfast Club Reveals Tequila Speakeasy Bar
11 Southwark Street, London, SE1 1RQ

What they say:

If you like the idea of a tequila-laced cocktail in a laidback speakeasy setting, we have something for you. This is Call Me Mr Lucky, a cool and quirky new basement bar hidden away beneath the Breakfast Club’s latest site in London Bridge. Even after opening they are keeping shtum about details so you'll have to bag yourself a seat at the bar to find out what really goes on. What is for sure though is that they serve their drinks up with a hearty dose of tongue-in-cheek wit.

What we say:

Another notable feather in London Bridge’s cap, we’re chomping at the bit to head Southwark-side and check this place out. Revellers at this new offering from the same gang that brought you The Major of Scaredy Cat Town and King of Ladies Man are able to pop into the ever popular Breakfast Club for some tasty treats throughout the day before heading downstairs to embrace this stylish prohibition bar when the time is right. But in our view, the time is always right for fabulous cocktails and secret entrances.