A Hindu tradition and festival that is told to be born of tales of Krishna throwing coloured water over milkmaids, Holi Festival is a powerhouse of playful colours and blooming tones. But how does an event in London that is attempting to echo the spirit of Holi genuinely fare? Minus the odd (albeit slight aggressive), face paint pelt and a paint snow angel? Pretty darn well. 

The Event

Don hooded overalls, forget fashion and pack your hands with paint. It's exactly what we did. Set in amongst Devonshire Square in a specially made box alongside Cinnamon Kitchen, we found out why Holi is such a fun, colour flinging affair, while rooted in religion at that. Provided with our own bags of colours, and set against a group of no more than 30 folk, we proceeded to lob powdered paint at one another. Silly, and brimming with an eager, slingin' crowd, it's clear that Holi in the CITY brought both couples, friendly clans and work folk alike to try an event that echoes the enthusiasm and energy of Indian culture. 

My only qualm? Better ventilation, and more self restraint. While the space was ample for the amount of people they allow in, it did get stuffy at times. But thankfully, dipping in and out is more than encouraged. Dipping in and out however will not work the same for my hair, as thanks to years of bleaching and some over-zealous lobbing, I'm a homage to that one McFly song that one time. 

holi in the city london cinnamon kitchen

While my hair may now be green, and my 'alternative' reputation at an all time high, Cinnamon Kitchen proved that India isn't the only place to celebrate Holi.

The Drinks and Canapes

Cinnamon Kitchen moreover echoed the spirit of India in the only way they know how, through the event's drink and grub. Teasing the colours of Holi and branding them within their cocktails, not only were the Holi specials from Anise abound with colour, they stood the sugary test of time, boasting fresh flavours and teasing neon colours. My favourite? The Holika Fire with applejack, fresh lime and homemade grenadine

The light canape bites were where Cinnamon truly shined this Holi. A patron saints of Eastern flavour, three small bites (of both the vegetarian and meat eater variety) showcased why Cinnamon Kitchen has such a well deserved, and gnarly reputation. From grilled paneer to Chettinad spiced lamb kofta with a coconut and coriander sauce, these light bites were the perfect introductory morsels to the work of Vivek Singh.

Snag the last remaining tickets for Holi in the CITY now as the event closes on March 12th.